200 Mile Yard Sale


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The concept of this Garage/Yard/Side of the Road Sale on the first weekend in June 6,7,8 2014  is to get people into the heartland of rural, scenic Northeast Michigan. The event encourages businesses and residents to participate by having yard sales, sidewalk sales and special promotions for a continuous stretch from one end of the sale route to the other; the end result is lots of fun for sellers and shoppers alike. We hope you take the time to travel the yard sale route. You will be glad you did. Discover the wonders Northeast Michigan has to offer as well as providing the chance to meet some pretty neat people along the way.

Q. How do I become a SELLER? Anyone can be a seller by simply having a sale in their yard, at their business or setting up in designated seller places. Many communities/high school booster clubs/fraternal organizations have different places where sellers from within and outside of that town or city can set up a booth. The main thing is to be sure you have permission from the land owner to set up a booth. There is NO FEE to participate however some seller spaces may charge a nominal rental fee to allow you to set up a booth. If you would like to be listed on the official Vendor list on Pure Michigan’s site & on your local area list, please submit the attached application by no later than May 23, 2014.

Q. What can I SELL? Almost anything! Popular is antiques, collectibles, dishes and glassware, to farm implements, food items, produce and more. Some things to consider however are business licenses and health department permits. Each town has different rules and regulations so be sure to check with the local authorities where you set up your booth for any licenses or permits you may need to purchase.

Q. WHERE are the Yard Sales? Yard sales can be found along the route at homes located on the designated route, in business parking lots, along side streets adjacent to the route, in wide open fields and pastures (remember, these roads pass through beautiful rural areas with farms and some of the most awesome scenery you will find anywhere), and basically anywhere people can find to set up. Some areas will have large numbers of vendors in one group, others may be scattered.

Q. What TIME do the sales begin? Each seller is on their own and can choose when they want to begin but sellers may want to consider being active by 8am and operate until late afternoon or early evening.

Helpful Suggestions:
• Consider attaching bright colored balloons to your sale and directional signs to help the buyers identify your location.
• Pass along this information to your neighbors and friends so they are aware and can be an active participant as well.


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