Donnie Boursaw

I am very happy to announce that Donnie Boursaw will be working out of the Rose City Area Historical Society at least one day a week and will have lots of records for research available. There will be more announcements coming but Donnie is still in the area. I also want to welcome Donnie to the society and this group. ~ Cathy Snider


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  • LeRoy Neal says:

    Hi – my great great grandparents homesteaded near Rose City in 1872. They were Sherman and Sarah Neal. They had children Charles and Martha. Charles married Elisa Lewis and one of their children was Sherman Lewis Neal, my grandfather. Martha married Burnett Butler (or Butterly) and one of their children was Cora. Cora Butler and Sherman Lewis Neal yes, first cousins) married in 1905 in West Branch. They moved to Grayling in, I believe, 1912 and remained there for the rest of their lives. I have done some research at the library in Rose City, over 25 years ago. I would be interested in perhaps trying to gain access to more materials, if I get a chance to come to the Rose City area one of these days. I also have been wondering if Rose City had a newspaper. If there’s any sort of schedule for your historical society I would appreciate knowing it. Thanks.

  • Thompson says:

    Thanks a million for posting your information on the Web! I’m sending along to my parents, who are recently moved to the area. They’ll have a field-day, I’m sure! : )

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