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Tips On How You Can Be Present and Alive

Living in present means letting go off the past and focusing on the future. this link that has been provided directs us to the ways of being alive and present to the moment. The past of someone might be full of stress, and living under those stress might make you have health issues and problems like developing trauma and stroke. This will improve one’s health as they will be able to handle their issues with a lot of ease. One will have to try a mind review exercise to see if he can be able to recall the events of the day and analyze them logically. This will reduce our anxiety of thinking about history and thus makes us fresh in our mind. This implies that we are much focusing on our future, which is much essential as compared to our history. What this means is that, think about the past in small doses which cannot change your present. Also spending more time worrying about the future is not healthy, it might give you stress and ruin your mental judgment. This article through this link provides some ways of ensuring that you live in the present moment.

One should not let his mind to be focused on the past but instead try to think about the present. Living in the present requires one to stop thinking about the unchangeable things. If you keep on thinking about how your life will be or would have been will destroy your current life.

One should begin focusing on what should be done now and how it should be changed. Since no one can change the past, once done cannot be undone, one can start thinking on how to change the present situation or life. Follow the methods in this link and do what is best for you.

this link has elaborated on the effect of overthinking about the future. Through this link you will find that while putting more energy thinking about the future will be neglecting your present life. Therefore, it is essential to create realistic goals which you can make in the future.

This link has explained some life problems which you should work towards solving them. One should avoid ignoring those problems but instead, face them and solve them. In this link, you will find that solving a problem will give some peace of mind and you will be relaxed with fewer distractions.