Message from Cathy-President RCAHS

We always need help but not because of the flood. Thanks to many generous people and much hard work by members and friends the historical society is better than ever. We welcome new members and still gather and preserve historical papers and pictures from all of Ogemaw County. We love to assist you with your genealogy searches. If you wish to join us meetings are the 2nd Tues of each month starting in April. 7pm Lion’s Club Cabin in park in Rose City. Dues are $10 per year includes 4 newsletters. Come out and join us..


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  • ron martin says:

    I had a phone conversation by phone a few days ago about the Rose City Mobile Home Park , its location , who donated the land and the purpose it was to be used for which was for over night and week end campers , Not for permanent residents or homes. Also we talked about the moving of the Historical Marker. It came to mind that it was placed on the spot at the old pavilion for a reason and that was to show that was the land that was to be for the visitors etc for the above stated reason. I agree it is a mess back there but by moving it up front then the city can claim that it is being used for recreational purposes as intended and the mobile home park is not in violation of the donor-s requested purpose. This has been a HUSH HUSH do not mention or talk of this from city hall for many years because as was stated , ” It could cause those who are living in there to be forced to move.” Besides that the city & counsel have stated there are no ” Lots” in there yet still use “Lots” when talking about the location of mobile homes that are in there and also rules & regulations the councel has made them selves are allowed to be violated by special residents and others have to live by. These are just a few of the things that have went on and I am sure the donor would be extremely upset about and too because his request he made for the use of that land has been violated, in my opinion. Perhaps they need the state AG to do some through investigating again as they did a few years back about firearms and ammunition etc. that the then sheriff was involved in and went to prison for. That was published in the Ogemaw Herald along with many other things. As far as the Historical Marker , it would be fine to move it I suppose as long as it does not give the city counsel or mayor a way out of a situation they may be in concerning that land ” The Rose City Mobile Park “.

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