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  • Steve says:

    Hello Rose City

    Just found your site and must say I am impressed.
    Very nice work, someone or ones put a great deal of effort into building the site.
    My name is Steve Wright and I came across the site .
    Having said this I am going to give it a shot.
    I am a decendant of John and Anna Pollington of Rose City.
    My hope is that in your files there may be some data on the pollington family.
    In particular I am trying to find a image of there oldest daughter Viola.
    Viola was born in Vassar in 1899 vut grew up in Rose City until fifteen when she and her younger sister moved to Belding to work in the silkmills.
    Viola died in Belding at twenty six years old leaving behind two children.
    One of whom became my grand mother.
    Opon her death I was given a box full of old pictures.
    Most of which were of Pollingtons.
    Many of the pictures I have identified.
    However While having several which I belive to be Viola there are only two possibly three that I can prove as her.
    Perhaps there may be an old school class photo which she might be in.
    If so this would give me a known standard which could be used to verifiy the other images I have.
    While the Viola issue is myst pressing I am also interested in any Pollington data you might have.
    Please email me with anything you can.
    I thank you and gladly accept any help you can give.

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