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New 2014 Snow Box Derby Photos Thanks to Linda Hall


Only in Rose City

hauling firewood in Rose City

Harvesting or collecting firewood varies by the region and culture. Some places have specific areas for firewood collection. Other places may integrate the collection of firewood in the cycle of preparing a plot of land to grow food as part of a field rotation process. Collection can be a group, Continue reading


Teacher Fired – Courtney Ney – Conduct Unbecoming

On the heels of the sex scandal that has ravaged our district another incident has came to the forefront involving a new teacher Courtney Ney.

It has came to the attention of the school that this woman who… Continue reading

Board refused to fire teachers

At approximately 11:30 the board came back from closed session and announced it is not going to fire the teachers! Immediately the room begins to clear people are walking out on what is a sad outcome for the Janczewski… Continue reading

EAG News Called

Hey gang, just got a call from EAGNews updated them on what I know and they said they will be doing a segment with John . I think tomorrow and he will be on the Glen Beck show.


Thanks… Continue reading

“Meet and Greet ” Wine Tasting

wine tasting


The Purple Gang Book Signing Event

Purple Gang


Ogemaw Community & Business Expo



Ogemaw County Christmas for Kids



Rose City School Equipment project

535842_501322553261423_1754304881_nI’m very pleased to report that the Rose City School Equipment project has received over $3,500.00 in donations!! I think Coach McGregor is feeling very excited about what’s been accomplished and a bit giddy about getting much needed equipment ordered.… Continue reading

Rose City Schools Need Help!

To businesses and residents:

A matter has come to our attention that we felt worth sharing with you in the hope that
you can help. Attached you’ll find a letter from Michael McGregor, the coach and Physical
Education Teacher at… Continue reading

Rose City Post Cards

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