Rose City’s First Automobile

Walter Rose - First Automobile

Walter Rose – First Automobile

Rose City, Mich., June 17 – Walter Rose, of this place, enjoys the distinction of belonging to the family which gave the town its name – not only that, but he is an inventor. He calls his creation an automobile. The best idea of its wonderful construction and appearance will be obtained from the picture. Rose has been working on the machine about a year. His neighbors pay a high tribute to his genius – those who own teams – as when they see him coming with his flyer they turn down the first convenient alley or into a dooryard, or over a lawn, or into the woods – anywhere out of the way of the “Terror.”

Mr. Rose gave The News correspondent a short sketch of his experience as a builder of autos as follows:“When a fellow gets the fever for automobiling something is bound to be done, and I got the fever. This is the result.

“I have got it so it works pretty well. I have an 18 horsepower motor, chain driven. It is mostly carpenter work. The front wheels are old mowing machine wheels encased in wood, and the rims are covered with rubber belting, tacked on, and are puncture proof.”

He puts the speed at 10 miles an hour. As he has no reverse, if he wishes to turn around he lifts the wagon and carries it around, the front wheels on which the engine rests, following.

Rose City Terror

Rose City Terror

Rose City Terror

Rose City Terror

The “Terror” is absolutely original, and no one is likely to steal the idea. He puts the cost as it stands at $250. The principal drawback to the machine seems to be a tendency to stop often for repairs.

Rose City is coming to the front as an automobile center, and when Mr. Rose gets his machine perfected the local manufacturers, as well as those of the rest of the world, will have to go some to maintain their business, and there will be no need for them to enlarge their plants.


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