The Rose City Castle

Castle 2The Rose City Castle
By Cathy Snider
Rose City Area Historical Society
March 2014

The Castle, the Old Haunted Castle, Ferguson’s Castle, the Ferguson home, no matter what you called it, it was sure a different  style building than all the others in the small town of Rose City. It was located on the southwest corner of Grant and Ferguson Streets in Rose City.

The Castle was the home of the Edwin Ferguson family.  The castle was built in the 1940’s by Edwin Ferguson, his stepsons Keith, Leonard and Gerald Sammons, son Emil Ferguson and other family members. Edwin Ferguson was a real eccentric who is said to have scoured the country side for the proper shaped cedar trees to form the dungeon roof with the proper curve to it. Mr. Ferguson left Rose City for awhile in the early 40’s to work in a bomber factory downstate for about 3 years.  When he returned he built a bomb shelter of steel and other materials under what was later the castle.  He then constructed the Castle home over this bomb shelter. The living quarters of the home consisted of two bedrooms, a kitchen and living area in the wooden part.  The Turret was never part of the living quarters but was used for storage, it had a dirt floor.   Mickey Sammons wife of Keith said it was never a fancy house being that they were very poor, but the unique shape of the house made it the castle.  .Mr. Ferguson lived there with his wife Martha and the children for some years.  He farmed the surrounding land. Edwin was a very good stone mason. Edwin and his wife Martha moved out west in the early 50’s.  Keith and Micky Sammons were the last to live in the home. They lived there about 1954-56.    Edwin died in 1958 and left the home to his son Emil who later sold it.  Sadly this was burned and torn down in the maybe the early 1970’s because it was in bad shape and was a danger to the kids of the neighborhood and in the name of progress. It was rumored that a new Baptist church was to be built there but that never happened.

Carmen Reetz-Bogart recalls a gate in the fence of her grandparents that led to the castle, “We were not allowed to go through that gate”.   Gilbert Scott of Lupton recalls playing in it when he was in 6th or 7th grade.   Another man remembers going in the castle when he was a kid and getting into big trouble.  He also remembers it had beautiful glass chandeliers and a nice glass greenhouse.  The information about the greenhouse and chandelier is believed to be not true because the home was not fancy and not ever completely finished.

One Halloween night a couple of local people donned white sheets and glittered and fluttered at the windows of the interior to make people think it was haunted.

The mystic of this building still lives on, why a castle?  Was it haunted? Do you remember it?  Do you have story or a picture to share?

Cathy Snider


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