A Timeline of Rose City’s History

4th of July Pictures 2015

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Jason Benjamin – Wedding

Jason Benjamin married Lisa Anderson and moved to allentown pa with his sister and brother in law Jeff & Melissa Holderman. and is Currently working at Walmart.



Historical Society Incorporated 1983

Rose City Area Historical Society Incorporated


The Rose City Area Historical Society, Inc. was incorporated in July, 1983 as a non-profit organization for the purpose of identifying and collecting historical information and preserving family genealogies and histories.… Continue reading

Dell Crozier runs for President




Dell Crozier Runs for 38th President


This was from around 1971-1792

~Liz Mathews-Roe



Rose City Incorporated

Rose City Incorporated in 1905



Railroad comes to Rose City

Railroad comes to Rose City

When the railroad came through in 1892, it was renamed Rose City for the founder


Rose City Begins

Rose City began as the town of Churchill in 1875, when Allen S. Rose moved to Michigan from New York State and built a general store.